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Good for any age from 10-100--over 100 might be shaky.

Really Short Shorts is a compilation of forty short stories—most ranging from four to six pages. There is a wide range of topics included. Most of the stories deal with people--from little kids to seniors. Most of them involve some humor. Some are pure fantasy, others are more serious. Keep in mind that my ultimate goal in writing is to entertain myself. If you enjoy my stories, then that's a plus. Read and enjoy.
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5.0 out of 5 stars... have read all of Larry Webb's books and have enjoyed all of them
By Mary J. Hathaway on December 13, 2015
Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
I have read all of Larry Webb's books and have enjoyed
all of them. I always end up wondering what the characters
are doing after I finish reading them. Larry has a way of
making them feel like real people that you have come to know
and like. Thankfully, after Grandpa Tutor passed away ,we
were invited into the lawyer's office for the reading of his will
and to his great surprise Damey was given a considerable amount
of money to buy a “nice home” and continue his education.
Now, 26yrs later he has attained his PHD in science and Robotics
and is married to Zandy, an accomplished project engineer at Dewline
Robotics and three sons, Zachary, Zane, and Zaiden....thus the “Z team.”
This book is full of excitement and adventure and some highly techni-
cal complications which have been researched by the author and are
accurate as we do actually have robots in the oceans which have the
ability to search for oil leaks as Hector did. As Damey is locked
in a brig cell for privacy, he spends his time in dreams revealing
a loving, caring relationship within his family and a lot of emotion
from the boys who aren't happy when dad is gone for very long
and at the age of puberty... it doesn't help much. How this all is
resolved is very exciting but one would have to read the book to
find out. It is well worth it! Thanks Larry for another winner.
Grandpa Tutor would be proud.

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